Have you been struggling with compression stockings? Difficult to put on, uncomfortable?

No more!

The PneumaSox Pneumatic Therapeutic Stockings are very easy to put on, very comfortable and have exact compression pressure.

Easy to put on: Just wrap around the leg, fixate the loop&hook and inflate the stocking up to its preset pressure. No force is required. To take off, deflate the stocking and undo the loop&hook fasteners.

Comfortable: Do you feel the pressure when you put your leg into a swimming pool? No? That is exactly the pressure you feel when wearing PneumSox. Due to the perfect pressure distribution there is very little sensation of pressure. PneumaSox  are extremely comfortable to wear.

Effective: the digital pressure sensor is preset for your ideal compression pressure. Inflate until the green light is steady. If during the day your legs get thinner, just check with the pressure sensor and add air if necessary. Perfect pressure for optimal results.

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The PneumaSox are desigend to be a perfect alternative for bandages to treat venous edema and ulcers.

Bandages, despite there very long histoy of use, have several disadvantages. It requires extremely skilled people to apply bandages with a pressure close to the desired pressure. The pressure will drop significantly within an hour after application due to the change in leg circumference. Bandages can be uncomfortable. Single use bandages are expensive. Patient cannot apply or adjust bandages themselves. ANd last but not least: as pressure is dependend on curvature, it is difficult to get proper pressure at the malleolus area.

All these disadvantages are minimized with the PneumaSox.

By using air as the compression medium all the above mentioned problems are solved. The pressure can be controlled exactly by the use of a digital pressure sensor. As the air chamber has only one compartment, the pressure will be exactly the same over the whole surface of the stocking. Also at the mallleolus area. It also results in a very comfortable stocking.

Because the PneumaSox is inflated after it is  around the leg, it is very easy to put on. The adjustable fasteners allow for a variation in size, the amount of air needed will make up the remainder to have perfect fitting stocking without the need for made to measure. During the course of the day, the patient or nurse can easily control the pressure and adjust if necessary. 

The use of PneumaSox vs the traditional stockings or bandages will substantially decrease the cost of compression therapy. The stocking itself is less costly by design, material in the limited number of sizes. In many cases a pratitioner is no longer required to put on the compression device and where still needed, she can do her work faster and with much less effort.



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